Community Challenge

Have you ever wanted to ride the Menzies Classic - Chas Egan Memorial Race but felt that 132 km was a bit too far and serious for the recreational rider? Does 35km seem a bit more reasonable?

Do you have three like-minded colleagues?

If so, why not join together with your work-mates, gym buddies or your mates and participate in the Community Challenge?
The 132 km is broken up into four approximately equal sections. The first rider completes the section out of Kalgoorlie to Paddington, hands on the tag to their team-mate who then pedals off to Davyhurst. Here number 3 team member is waiting. Number 3 takes the tag onwards to Comet Vale where the final team member will then take the tag over the finishing line in Menzies.

Each team will need a vehicle and support person to carry all riders and equipment. Each team is responsible for placing its own rider at each handover point.

Can’t find three other people? No problem – teams can be up to four members so teams of two and three are also encouraged to participate. For those riders who just want to finish the event and not be part of the handicapped race, you can also ride the Community Challenge as an individual. More details in the attached Community Challenge information sheet.  

Please note that when you register you will be charged an additional $11.50 over and above the registration fee.  This amount is the cost of your day licence.  Cycling Australia require that you have a day licence for insurance purposes.  As this is a Cycling Australia sanctioned event we are bound by their policies and procedures. 

Download the Community Challenge information sheet

Get training
EGCC welcomes new members joining the club as part of their training programme. Check out the EGCC club website for the 2017 calendar.

You will need to register your team and members so come up with a great team name and even dress up for the day.


Registrations Open
4th April 2017